It’s a Brave New World!!! – Classes are now online via Zoom

We can do this!

I have always been a believer that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and I flatly refuse to be beaten by the current situation that we all find ourselves in.

I also believe that we need yoga now more than ever. To keep us sane, flexible and connected.

I have cleared out my ‘posh-shed’ at the bottom of the garden, invested in a web cam and a mic, and with the help of my wonderful husband and some friends (and one of my yogi’s husbands – what a star!) have converted the shed into a proper virtual yoga studio.

I have had a couple of practice runs and delivered a full class and a 121 using my new virtual yoga studio. I am using a system called Zoom to deliver the classes which allows me to bring the class to you. The classes will always be live and not pre-recorded.

For ease, I have decided to freeze the Flexi-Passes until we are back to normal. I have reduced the hourly per session classes to £5.00 while we are in the virtual classroom. I have also introduced 30 minute sessions for £3.50 per session. There is also a 4-week pass for £20 which gives you access to all the 30 minute sessions. Please note that class prices will revert back to the original prices once we are in a physical class. If you pay monthly please get in contact so that I can discuss options with you.

Below you will find information and booking links for the new virtual classes and some instructions on how to use Zoom. Please do get in touch if you need any more information from me.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to transition my classes online. I have been so grateful for the support both mentally, physically and virtually.

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