Adaptive Chair Yoga

I am a firm believer that yoga is for anyone and not being able to get on a yoga mat shouldn't stop anyone from benefiting from this wonderful practice.

Whether you have ongoing mobility issues, are recovering from an illness or just don't have time to get out your mat, then adaptive chair yoga can help you.

I have axial spondylarthritis which is an autoimmune disease which leads to ankylosing spondylitis if not properly managed. This means that sometimes I can't get on the floor to practice – but I can always get on a chair. I don't let my condition stop me from doing something I love.

I work with clients who have medical conditions or disabilities that stop them getting on the floor, office workers who want to do some stretching at lunchtime without getting sweaty as well as older individuals who want a good stretch but don't want to spend 30 mins getting back up again from a mat!

I trained to teach adaptive, accessible chair yoga with Liz Oppedijk and gained a Lakshmi Voelker chair yoga certification.

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