Kay Hayden

I have been going to Vicky’s Yoga class on Sunday mornings now for nearly two years and I just want to say simply how much I enjoy them.
She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She always asks if we have any issues or problems and takes this on board when teaching the class. I like the way she’ll explain the pose while also explaining how it will benefit the body. While the classes are fun…she will very cleverly encourage you out of your comfort zone and before you know it are stretching more than you ever thought possible!
At the end of the yoga session I always feel completely refreshed and relaxed.

Thank you very much Vicky.

Julia Anderson

I have been having personal yoga sessions with Vicky which has been brilliant as she has been able to tailor the session to my specific needs. She has been very kind and patient as I struggle to find my inner yoga goddess!!!

Kathy Simmons

I always enjoy the classes wth Vicky because she takes the time to explain what you are doing and why – what benefits you will get from the postures. We also have fun which always makes for a very inclusive session – we’re all in it together even if you’re going at your own pace. Vicky caters for all levels and adapts the postures to suit. I really enjoy my yoga classes with her.

Dawn Jerrold

Vicky’s yoga classes are brilliant – I love going each week! She finds out what your needs are before the class and ensures the yoga positions are carried out correctly in a way that makes you feel at ease. Vicky has helped me to become more flexible, which has made me feel younger – a big plus in my books! ? Also the classes are great fun and we manage to have a good laugh each week. If you’re looking for a yoga class then I highly recommend Vicky’s ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Marie Wedlin

Vicky’s Yoga class is the perfect way to start my Sunday. All around workout & stretch for all abilities. Vicky is a calm and patient instructor who is keen for everyone to progress. Atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious so we also have a laugh together! Great way to work out all the kinks & creakiness as well as stress after the work week.

Sue Gerrish

A super start to Sunday mornings! Vickys friendly yet professional manner makes you feel welcome whether a complete beginner or experienced and therefore you are able to develop whatever your skill level. Vicky is keen to make sure the moves are performed correctly but does it in a way that makes you feel at ease. I’d certainly recommend her classes to anyone.

Madeleine Marsh

A great yoga class! Vicky includes a mixture of yoga poses to suit all abilities. I love attempting the more challenging poses knowing that Vicky will guide and support me. The relaxation at the end finishes the session off perfectly. I wish I could do this class every morning as it really sets me up for the day.

Helen Orr

Feeling much more human this morning after a brilliant yoga session with Vicky at Infinite Harmony. Thank you

Annabelle Buckland

Really great class and Vicky is such a great teacher. Also a great bunch of people who attend and we always have fun. It’s the perfect way to start a Sunday.