Coronavirus Etiquette

Not wanting to add to the hysteria or denigrate the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak I wanted to let you all know what I am doing to help control and contain the virus in my classes.

  1. On arriving to the class locations I will be wiping down the door handles and any other surfaces that I expect any yogis to touch. While stocks allow, I will be using anti-viral wipes but anti-bacterial as a minimum.
  2. Wipes will be made available in class for you to wipe down your own mats. This is something you should be doing anyway for your only personal hygiene. Please dispose of your own wipes on leaving class
  3. Tissues will be provided in class. Please use this to catch any sneezes or sniffles in class. If you can’t get to a tissue in time please use the crook of your arm. Please dispose of your own tissues on leaving class and wash your hands.
  4. I will be using an anti-viral essential oil based spray to freshen the yoga room – again you are welcome to use it too but I cannot verify the validity of the product, if nothing else it smells nice!
  5. Unless you are coming to a chair yoga class, please remove your shoes before coming to class and leave at the door. This will help to keep the floor clean.
  6. Please wash your hands before and after class as appropriate.
  7. I have made some essential oil based hand sanitiser (can’t get any in the shops.) It has a rubbing alcohol base of at least 70% (not vodka!) combined with distilled water, witch hazel, aloe vera gel with essential oils known to be anti-viral. Again you are welcome to use these in class but I cannot guarantee their efficacy but they do smell nice!
  8. I will be wiping down surfaces again on exiting the class.
  9. Perhaps the most important message is that if you have come into contact with someone who has the coronavirus please self isolate. If this is you and you have a Flexi-pass, please get in touch so that I can make sure that the expiry date is extended by the time you are in isolation.
  10. If we get to the point where classes have to be cancelled I will let you know. Flexi-passes will be paused and standing orders should be cancelled.

Fingers-crossed this will pass and we won’t be impacted but better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some documents as provided by the Yoga Alliance that you may also find interesting.




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