How to join a Zoom class

How to Zoom!

What you will need
1. A computer, tablet or smartphone – any of these will work, but the bigger the screen the better the experience will be. NB: If you have ever done a Skype or Facetime call via this device, it has everything you need. If you haven’t, it probably does anyway!
2. If you are doing chair yoga then you will need a chair – ideally a kitchen or dining one, but a firm upright armchair will work too if that’s all you have.
3. For other yoga classes you will need your yoga mat: think about the space you need and make sure that you can see the device you are using to join the class with.
4. Blanket, socks, blocks (if you have them), water – whatever else you think you might need

How to set yourself up
1. Ideally you want to be able to see your computer/tablet/phone screen while on the mat or sitting squarely on your chair. If you can’t, or if your screen is very small, you may find you spend the class listening rather than watching, which will be fine as I will use lots of verbal cues.
2. Make sure that you can hear the sound from your device while sitting in your chair or on your mat (test this by playing a YouTube video or something). If not, don’t give up, just let me know before your class and we’ll find a work-around.
3. I will be ‘in’ the class room 15 minutes before each class so that we can iron out any technical difficulties.

IMPORTANT: Health & safety
In the absence of a teacher in the room with you, I will be talking through the poses, a lot!. I will do my best not to mix up my limbs or lefts/rights!! I will also be able to see you, as well as you seeing me! I will encourage people to go on mute during the class so that random dog barks or phone ring tones won’t disturb the class but you can get my attention by waving at me or sending a message.

As a further precaution, please make sure that I have your latest contact details before the class starts just in case. Specifically the following:
1. A phone number on which we can contact you during the class if we have any concerns
2. An alternative phone number on which we can call a family member, friend or neighbour in the case of emergency
3. The street address where you will be doing the class.

Once you’ve worked out how you’re going to set yourself up, give yourself a pat on the back. When you have booked on to a class wait for the class confirmation email which will tell you how to set up the tech side of things. If you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t worry, it really is very straightforward.