Corporate Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing and managing anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis

As the virus sweeps the country and more people are forced to work from home, levels of anxiety are at a record high. Yoga is a perfect antidote to help keep your people mentally and physically healthy. All of Infinite Harmony's yoga teaching has now moved online and is being delivered by Zoom from our yoga studio. We can arrange for a weekly class just for your staff to keep them connected and stable during this difficult time.

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Why should you care about the health and wellbeing of you your staff?

The Centre for Mental Health shared a paper that highlighted that £8.4 billion was lost in sick days relating to mental health issues - this was taken from a study in 2006 and I dread to think what it stands at now. But the cost is only one side of this issue. So many people have mental health issues of varying degrees that we owe it to ourselves and each other to do what we can to support each other. Mental Health First Aid England state on their website that 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues every year. They deliver courses to help individuals and organisations recognise when people need help. Their mission is for a society where everyone thrives and there is zero stigma surrounding mental health.


So how can Infinite Harmony help your organisation?

We are not counsellors but we are trained coaches, yoga teachers and holistic therapists. Working with our sister company, Coaching Harmony, we can help you improve employee engagement, reduce stress and help the health and wellbeing of your staff. We can provide the following activities and classes in your work place:

  • Yoga - weekly onsite yoga classes - before, during and after the working day
  • Team coaching - using Action Learning team coaching we can help teams find solutions to problems, work together better and improve team cohesion
  • 121 coaching - business and personal coaching to help employee motivation, wellbeing and productivity
  • Seated massage - to help reduce knots in back, neck and shoulders without the need to get undressed or use oils
  • Reflexology - to stimulate nerve function, improve energy and treat stress
  • Nutrition - to make sure your staff have the best possible nutrition to keep them healthy and stress free
  • Aromatherapy - specific massage treatments using essential oils and personalised oil blends to treat stress and encourage wellbeing

We can create full wellbeing programs tailored to your organisation with on and offsite team days, workshops and retreats.

Click here to find out how we helped RSM UK deliver yoga at lunchtimes in their offices in Basingstoke.


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