Essential Oils First Aid Kit – The Best Blends

lavender oil

essential oilWe have gone through the brilliant uses of so many beneficial oils, but what happens when you start mixing them together?

I have tried and tested so many blends of oils and through my training have gained lots of tips and advice on which oils work together beautifully, not just for scent but for benefits for you.

Here are my favourites!

Aloe Vera and Lavender – Although aloe vera gel is not an oil, this is a must blend to include. Lavender is a wonder plant; it can help with so much. We have mentioned before that lavender can help with burns and can be applied neat to skin. But if you blend lavender into aloe vera gel it is an extremely effective after sun product, really help to soothe and alleviate burns, skin irritations and sunburn.

Ginger and Peppermint  – These individual oils are brilliant on their own but mix them together they can do even more. Ginger is a strong oil that many find overwhelming, but if you can get along with it and mix with peppermint oils it can be brilliant to help alleviate nausea. Simply mix the oils into a base oil and apply to your stomach, or apply to a tissue and inhale. Remember, I do not recommend ingesting essential oils.

Lavender and Peppermint – Replace ginger with lavender and these two oils become an excellent treatment for a headache. Again, blend the oils into a base oil and massage into your temples and this will alleviate the pain. Mind not to use an overwhelming amount of each oil, as the strength of the smell could end up undoing your good work.

Peppermint and Black Pepper – If you are feeling sluggish this blend of oils is perfect. Great to massage into your legs if they are feeling heavy. Black pepper is another strong oil but I adore it. These oils are both rejuvenating and the blend of them both, mixed in a base oil, or in a diffuser will help to wake you up and energise your body.

Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang and Lime – This is a wonderful mix of spice, floral and citrus. Black pepper is stimulating, ylang ylang is sweet, exotic and relaxing, and lime is energising and to me smells like Opal Fruits!

Patchouli, Rose and Hemp – This final blend smells wonderful. (Yes I am a complete hippie!) It is a personal favourite at the moment. Not only is the smell lovely in your diffuser, but it is a very relaxing and calming blend. I blend it into a base lotion and apply to my skin before I get dressed in the morning. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, these oils will help to calm you.

So there are my favourite blends right now, for your physical or emotional needs. Let me know if you have found any exciting blends lately or if you would like me to create a tailored blend just for you.