Essential Oils First Aid Kit – Anxiety

lavender oil

As we start preparing for Back to School, there are a lot of anxieties that can arise. For parents its a worrying time thinking about our children returning to school when they have been away for so long, especially with COVID-19 creating uncertainties; and for our school children they could be anxious about returning into an environment they’ve not seen in a while or perhaps they are moving into more challenging years. For others, general anxiety about the current climate, COVID-19, jobs, the economy……

Either way, it is an extremely challenging time for all of us and it can be hard to find effective solutions.

I frequently turn to aromatherapy and to my essential oils to help ease any physical or mental symptoms that may come with anxiety – so here are some suggested blends of my favourite oils help ease the symptoms of anxiety. I really hope it helps you.

Lavender and Marjoram – Lavender really is an essential oil (pun intended) for any natural first aid kit. It is relaxing oil that is tolerated by most people. It is lovely blended with marjoram. One of the most common symptoms of anxiety, stress and worry is a lack of sleep. These two oils can really help you calm and relax you as you try to sleep, helping you to drift off. Place the oils in your diffuser by your bed, or blend them in a base oil and apply to your pulse points at night.

Lavender and Chamomile – This blend can help to alleviate the general essential oilfeeling of nervousness and anxiety. It is an excellent blend to help you to calm and relax. Again place in your diffuser, or blend into a base oil and apply to your pulse points when needed.

Lavender and Peppermint – These oils blend beautifully to help alleviate headaches. Headaches can be a common symptom of anxiety, as the effects of stress and worry can become very physical. If needed, blend the oils into a base oil and massage into your temples.

Rose – This oil has a lovely scent and can also help to alleviate feelings of depression, which can so frequently come with anxiety or stress. Blend rose oil into a base oil and apply to your pulse points.

Teas – Although not an essential oil, a lot of the oils we have discussed can come in tea-form. Sometimes we can respond better to having ingested the herbs that these oils are extracted from. If this is the case, or you feel that you would prefer tea to oils then you can find these teas in supermarkets. Neals’ Yard also offer herbal teabags, blended to help you sleep, or to be calm. Have a look at their selection online.

I really hope these suggestions can help you and your family with any anxieties you may be facing at this time. As always remember not to ingest essential oils and to be extremely careful when using them with your children as they are strong. If you need any advice on the use of the oils I have mentioned, or any others, then please feel free to get in touch!