Trouble sleeping? – How aromatherapy can help

We all know the feeling – when you go to bed and sleep just won’t come. I have been plagued on and off over the years and have a few tips and hints that you may find helpful. When sleep evades me I turn to my trusty essential oils for […]

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Essential Oils First Aid Kit – The Best Blends

We have gone through the brilliant uses of so many beneficial oils, but what happens when you start mixing them together? I have tried and tested so many blends of oils and through my training have gained lots of tips and advice on which oils work together beautifully, not just […]

Essential Oils First Aid Kit – Anxiety

As we start preparing for Back to School, there are a lot of anxieties that can arise. For parents its a worrying time thinking about our children returning to school when they have been away for so long, especially with COVID-19 creating uncertainties; and for our school children they could […]

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What is the appeal of aromatherapy and essential oils?

I have been using essential oils for years. I first ‘got into them’ about 20 years ago when I went on a 6-week evening class with my sister in Romsey. I loved finding out about the history and the many uses of the oils. It seemed to trigger something innate […]

Aroma Yoga

I really enjoyed our lovely relaxed yoga class today. For those of you who came the essential oil blend I used was Calming. The diffuser was the Esta Aroma Diffuser. If you are interested in getting any essential oils or any other Neal’s Yard products then my Lychpit Yoginis can […]

Favourite Aromatherapy Blends

Essential oils can be used to create the perfect ambiance, to heal or combined together just because you like how the fragrances work. This blend falls neatly into that category. For me it is a blend that I refer back to time and time again. It is smoky, floral and […]