Corporate yoga lunchtime sessions at RSM

I am so proud of the new classes that we have started at RSM, in Basingstoke. Every Tuesday between 12.15 – 13.00, ten members of staff are joining me for lunchtime yoga to help them stretch and de-stress, making them better able to focus on their clients.

It gladdens my heart that RSM, like other decent employers, are taking responsibility for their employees’ mental wellbeing. With campaigns such as #WorldMentalHealthDay and #EveryMindMatters the social stigma attached to mental health is being broken down and this can only be for the better.

We spend so much time at work and anything that employers can do to reduce stress, fatigue and generally improve the wellbeing for their staff is the right thing to do morally. It also improves productivity and ultimately the bottom line as it can reduce time away from the office.

The yoga classes at RSM include various exercises aimed at loosening tension, including in the hands, wrists, shoulders and neck which can build up during the day as a result of sitting at a desk all day. I also show the yogis how to stretch and relax throughout the day, with exercises they can do at their desks.

Sue Thorn, a manager at the Basing View office, who is also responsible for staff’s mental health, said: “We decided it’s a great thing for wellbeing and mental health in general. My normal approach is to go out and do a run at lunchtime but that’s not for everyone. We thought yoga brings relaxation into the office. We were surprised how many people decided to do it.”

Sue added: “It’s proved really popular. RSM has taken a pledge as a company called Time to Change which says as an employer, we will take mental health seriously.”

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