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Be more cat!

Be more cat. This expression is frequently used when trying to encourage people to adopt the lifestyle of their feline […]

Coronavirus Etiquette

Not wanting to add to the hysteria or denigrate the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak I wanted to let you […]

Letter to my yogis 2019

Dear Yogis Thank you so much for your continued support of Infinite Harmony Yoga. I am always so grateful to […]

Letter to my yogis

Dear Yogis, Thank you so much for being part of my yoga classes during the last year. It has been […]

The perfect yoga mat?

I have tried a number of mats over the years and would normally focus on a fairly cheap, easy to […]

Aroma Yoga

I really enjoyed our lovely relaxed yoga class today. For those of you who came the essential oil blend I […]

Pamper parties

I am really excited to tell you about our new Infinite Harmony Pamper Parties. I have joined forces with the […]