Poetry Corner- Rupi Kaur ‘balance’


Welcome to our poetry corner! Here we will seek to combine our love of reading with our ongoing search for inspiration on our wellbeing journey!

Each week we will choose a poem that particularly resonates with us and talk through the who and why – hopefully bringing you some new and thought-provoking poetry to add to your metaphorical suitcase on your wellbeing journey too.

To start us off this week we are looking at Rupi Kaur and her poem ‘balance’.


‘i thank the universe

for taking away

everything it has taken

and giving to me

everything it is giving’

balance – rupi kaur


Rupi Kaur is an Indian-born Canadian poet. She focuses intently on social issues including immigration and feminism. Kaur gained popularity on Instagram by sharing her short visual poetry.

‘Balance’ is taken from Kaur’s collection Milk and Honey. This collection is split into four sections: the hurting, the loving, the breaking and finally the healing. This particular poem is found in the final section, which focuses on how we can overcome the challenges faced in the previous sections. As Kaur herself says in her closing words, the collection aims to teach the reader to deal with pain and yet to find the positive in it, as there is sweetness in everything if we are willing to look.

‘Balance’ is so special to us as it feels as though it perfectly captures the outlook that we should all strive to have. By carrying with us the premise that life is about balance, it can help us to look more lightly upon the harder aspects of life – we can believe that with the bad comes the good, and that this is OK.

We really hope that you enjoy our choice and that ‘balance’ may resonate with you and help you to adjust your own outlook.

If you would like to read more of Kaur’s poetry then feel free to use the links below to buy her published work.


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