Hatha Yoga Training – end of year 1

I am hugely excited and a little sad to say that I have now completed the first year Hatha Yoga foundation training course with the Inner Yoga Trust. I have made great friends and have had some amazing experiences on the course. I cannot wait for year two to commence!

Year 1 covered the following:


A variety of standing, seated, and supine poses which will include:
 forward bends e.g. uttanasana, paschimottanasana
 back bends e.g. Virabhadrasana I, Setubandhasana
 twists e.g. trikonasana, bharadvajasana
 balances e.g. vrksasana, ardha chandrasana
 inversions e.g. adho mukha svanasana, sirsasana


Each weekend focuses on the anatomy of a different area of the body, starting at the feet and moving up to the head. These aspects are then related to and explored through the practice of yoga.


The course gives a brief introduction to the energy system of the body, exploring the chakras and how they relate to the body-mind.


A variety of breath awareness practices and pranayama are explored during the course including: relaxation; observation of the breath; movement of the breath; using the whole of your lungs (primary and secondary respiration); feeling the diaphragms of the body; the breath and sound; nadi sodhana pranayama; viloma pranayama; ujjayi pranayama; awareness of the breath in asana.

Mudrah and Bandha

During the course students are introduced to the diaphragms of the body and to develop an awareness of mula bandha, uddiyana bandha, and jalandhara bandha. The teaching also explores the hasta mudras of pranayama and bhairava hasta mudra.


Practice of Savasana to include body/breath awareness, pratyahara, and rotation of consciousness.

Concentration and Mediation

Practice of various seated asana to sit for concentration and the three stages of meditation: dharana, dyana, samadhi. To include breath awareness, body awareness and use of objects e.g. candle and mantra.


Sounding OM


An introduction to yoga philosophy including an outline of its history, the various lineages, and different paths of yoga, as well as an introduction to Patanjali's Eight Limbs and how they relate to your life.

Course details courtesy of the Inner Yoga Trust. To find out more visit the Inner Yoga website. 

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