Hatha Yoga Training – End of Year 3!

I can’t believe its over. 3 Years, 500 hours of contact training, 16 training weekends, 2 summer schools, multiple assessments, written papers and case studies. And its done. Its been a wonderful 3 years, making new friends, finding myself (it got very deep at times!) and learning about what my body can and can’t do. I do feel a little bereft to be honest. I have a couple of papers to finish and a graduation ceremony but it seems very strange to think that I won’t be training with my group of yoga buddies next year. I will be seeing some of them when I travel to India at the beginning of October but after that we will have to make extra special effort to meet.  But, after spending so long with each other, and really getting to know each other on a much deeper level than I think I know some of my closest friends I truly believe we will always have that connection.

Here are a few shots of our summer school at the wonderful Monkton Wyld Court, courtesy of Sonja Balmer of Roots & Wings Yoga a fellow trainee.




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