Covid-19 Policy

To keep all of us safe, the following procedures and protocols for Infinite Harmony Yoga have been put in place:


  • All booking of classes must be completed via the online booking system Bookwhen. There is a link on the Infinite Harmony booking page that takes you to this.
  • An in-depth health questionnaire is to be completed on the first booking. Subsequent bookings will require full track and trace disclosure including confirmation that, to the best of the yoga students knowledge, they do not have Covid-19 symptoms at the time of booking, nor have they been around someone with those symptoms. Full booking instructions can be found here. If on the day of class the yoga student becomes ill, or they have been asked to self-isolate due to being near someone with Covid-19 symptoms, then they are to inform Vicky/Infinite Harmony yoga teacher immediately so that track and trace procedures can be instigated. No charge or loss of fee will be incurred and fee’s paid will be rolled on to the next class that the yoga student can safely attend.
  • Please note that cash will no longer be accepted as a payment method. All payments must be made via Bookwhen/Stripe or via BACs into the Infinite Harmony bank account.


Pre-class cleaning

Infinite Harmony will do everything that it can to maintain safety for all, in the rooms where yoga is being taught. As these rooms are not dedicated yoga studios and other groups use the facilities then Infinite Harmony will do everything that is practicable.

  • On arrival to the rooms, Infinite Harmony will clean every surface that a yoga student may touch with 80% alcohol rub and anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Where a hard floor is present in the room where yoga is going to be taught, the floor will be swept and wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes.
  • All door handles, window handles will be wiped.
  • All available windows that can be opened will be opened and left open during the class.
  • Please can all students wash their hands prior to coming to class.


Class sizes

To ensure that each yoga student has at least a 2m distance between other students, class sizes will be dramatically reduced. This means that, unless you have Covid-19 symptoms, if you don’t arrive for class you will forfeit any fee’s paid.


On arrival

  • Please make sure that you do not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before classes start to avoid gathering in corridors that make it difficult to maintain a 2m distance. If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes before class, please stay in your car.
  • When you arrive at the hall, please wear a face mask while standing in the queue. Please maintain a 2m distance while waiting.
  • Using a thermometer ‘gun’ Vicky will take your temperature on arrival. If your temperature is within acceptable limits you will be allowed to enter the hall.
  • You will be offered alcohol gel for your hands prior to entering the hall.
  • As you go into the room you will see that there are markers on the floor for you to place your mat on.
  • Once your mat is laid out, please remove your shoes and sit/stand on your  mat. Please do not leave your mat during class unless absolutely necessary. If you do need to leave your mat, please put your face mask and shoes back on.
  • You do not have to keep your mask on in class but you can if you wish to.


During class

  • Vicky will not be leaving the mat during class so any postural adjustments will be verbal.
  • All students are to remain on the mat during class unless leaving to go to the toilet. If you need to leave for any reason, please put your face mask and shoes on.
  • No music will be used during class as current guidelines suggest that talking/shouting may increase the chance of water droplets.
  • Windows that can be opened will be open during class which may make classes cooler. Please ensure that you bring extra layers/blankets/socks to allow for this.
  • No blocks or other yoga equipment will be shared during class – Infinite Harmony can help you purchase what you need – here are some suggested kit lists.
  • If you become aware of Covid-19 symptoms during class please let Vicky know and you will be taken to a separate room until you can be safely collected.


After class

  • At the end of class please put on your face mask and shoes.
  • It is suggested that you clean your mat using wipes. Vicky will show you how to roll up your mat to prevent contact with the floor side of the mat meeting the top side of the mat. It is recommended that you wash your mat when you get home.
  • Please use hand gel prior to leaving the hall.
  • Students will be asked to leave the hall in an orderly manner (the order will be dictated by the room we are in.)
  • If you notice Covid-19 symptoms after attending a yoga class please contact Vicky at Infinite Harmony, as soon as you are able, so that track and trace procedures can be instigated.